DJ Superfly is a true South Londoner—he grew up in one of the world’s most vibrant music mixing cultures. Not long after he learnt to walk, he learnt to dance, and not long after that, he was entering dance contests in garage, rap, and breakdancing. After taking the silverware home from his endeavours in the contests, he invested some of his prize money in a set of decks and began rocking the clubs and homes across London, from his high school prom to the Hammersmith Palais and the Hippodrome, some of the most vibrant clubs in central London.

As time went by and the gigs kept on coming, DJ Superfly went from strength to strength and became a regular crowd-puller. Over ten years, he was one of London’s top DJs, playing the main venues across the UK and performing alongside garage legend MC DT, DJ Superfly and his crowd were just “luving it, luving it, luving it!

After having relocated to Dubai and after a successful sting in real estate, DJ Superfly returned to his first love by launching the infamous house ex garage yacht party series, bringing over to the Middle East some of the biggest names in UK garage. Following this success, he joined Atelier M’s in-house team, DJing alongside Kele Le Roc, Shola Ama, So Solid Crew, Masters of Ceremony, and many more…

He also launched a new urban yacht party concept called BBC, a beat which delivered 2 sold-out events! He was credited for bringing an electric vibe and contributing to countless sold-out evenings while being a resident DJ at Nara Pan Asian in JLT.

Alongside running his own events, you can catch him DJing at numerous yacht parties and venues. DJ Superfly keeps the music thumping to the delight of the Dubai partygoers and never stops to develop his craft. This is the DJ who just knows what the crowd wants and knows how to get them up and dance and dance and dance!

Welcome to the world of DJ Superfly.