October 02, 2023

With a career ignited in the vibrant music scene of 1988, Aaron embarked on a journey that would shape the industry. Starting at the iconic record havens of VINYL LAB & BLACKMARKET RECORDS in Soho, which propelled Aaron into Club Promotion & A&R at Champion Records.

At Champion Records, Aaron collaborated with legends like Paul Oakenfold, leaving his mark on House/Dance classics such as RAZE‘s ‘Break for Love”, ROBIN S.‘ ‘Show Me Love,’ and SYBIL‘s ‘Don’t Make Me Over.’

Aaron insatiable appetite for music knowledge led him to Rush Management and Def Jam, where they managed renowned acts including Public Enemy, De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, and LL Cool J to name a few. His journey transcended industry sectors, encompassing Publishing, Club Promotion, Distribution, and Management.

A highlight of his consultancy role at Universal Music was signing the hit single ‘Dirty Cash’ by STEVIE V. Ventured into artist management with Bermuda Management, achieving chart-topping success with acts like Jaimeson and Architechs, with their hit single “BODY GROOVE” and contributing to acclaimed compilation series ‘REWIND SELECTA’ and ‘ONE IN THE JUNGLE.’

Seeking new challenges, Aaron discovered online sensation Conor Maynard, guiding him to UK chart dominance and a leading role in ‘KINKY BOOTS’ on Broadway.

Not one to be confined to a single realm, Aaron transitioned seamlessly into football representation, securing over 30 professional playing contracts and managing talent beyond the music sphere, including the iconic Patrick Hutchinson.

Aaron’s love for music eventually led me to embrace the art of DJing, sharing his vast record
collection at renowned venues worldwide, including the prestigious Soho House brand and the hottest night, PLANET GORGON, is the talk of London.

In addition to his musical prowess, Aaron is a board member of ADD—Action for Diversity & Development, advocating for inclusion in the creative industry. Presently, managing a roster of talents, including singer/songwriter Tara Lily, Dido Wilson, Dantae The Kid and the art collective LNIP, currently working on the sci-fi TV series ‘PURE.’ Aaron’s love for film and TV culminated in a role as EVP and the creation of music-related documentaries, starting with ‘REWIND SELECTA‘.

“Where music meets mastery, and the decks come alive.”
—Aaron Hercules


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